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How to Make a Better FAQ Page

February 19, 2019

Is your institution doing a good job of providing the answers to frequently asked questions? Follow these tips for how to make a better FAQ page; in the process of building a more comprehensive FAQ page, you just might save your staff some time spent answering applicant questions.

How to Make a Better FAQ Page

Link to admissions dates and pricing pages

You have hopefully made this information easily accessible through a user experience (UX) audit; however, this information should also be prominent on the FAQ page. Make sure that each of your main pages is hyperlinked appropriately so that students can get more information if needed.

Explain the differences between programs

If your institution has more than one program, then these should be clearly explained. It should be apparent who each program is ideal for; in addition, it should explain the benefits of each program.

Thoroughly explain each fee

Imagine being an applicant to your institution. If you saw a list of fees, wouldn’t you want to know what each is for? Students need this transparency. Explain what each fee is for, when it is due, and how it can be paid. Make clear distinctions between ongoing and one-time fees.

Remember that medical insurance is confusing

Explain medical insurance in detail. Be sure to use simple language and make the following things clear:

  • Who must have health insurance
  • The insurance provider your school uses
  • Fees
  • Due dates
  • What it covers

Consider a separate “FAQ” page for common medical insurance questions, including where the local urgent care and hospitals are located.

Provide a walkthrough for the process of applying

Make sure that each step of the application process is clear. Number them when needed. Add links to each of the forms that need to be filled out (or instructions for which documents need to be provided by the applicant). Make sure the applicant understands what will happen after he or she has submitted their application.

Don’t forget visa info

Who needs a visa, and how do they apply? What documents are needed? This should be clear.

Provide a detailed walkthrough for the process of preparing to arrive (and arriving)

What items and documents are needed in regard to medical insurance, housing, and academics and visas? Provide this information.

What happens once you arrive? Is there an airport transfer? How do you check in to your accommodation? Are there hours in which check-ins are not available? Are there holidays when students might not be able to check in? Make sure they know this information so they can book flights that meet any requirements for arrival.

Consider facilities questions

Does the campus have wifi? Air conditioning? Food services? Vending machines? What can students expect on your campus and in the classrooms? List these to give them a better idea of campus life.

Constantly reevaluate and update

Ask your student services and front desk to keep track of the questions they are often asked. Add these to your FAQ list, and continually update this list throughout the year.

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