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How IEPs Can Use a Website to Attract International Students

March 7, 2017
10 Reasons IEPs Need Blogs

With the international student market increasing for U.S. colleges and universities each year, institutions are finding it more difficult to differentiate their programs from their competitors. Most schools are unaware of how to attract students on the web, but copy writing geared for international students is an effective way to establish a program as different from–and better than–the others in the eyes of an international student or potential agency. Read on to learn more about how to use copy writing with the aim of attracting international students.

Copy writing for international students: how to attract students on the web

Quality web content should include the following:

A well constructed, easy-to-read website. Design and simplicity are key, especially in the case of web pages aimed at non-native speakers.

A blog that breathes life into the school. Standard web pages provide the basic information necessary for the customer to make an informed decision on his or her academic future, but these pages lack the vivacity needed to attract and retain students.

Active social media posts to share blog posts and reflect the atmosphere of the school. Make the most of your investment into a blog and be sure that all posts are shared on social media. Each post provides an opportunity to market the ideal student life and academic atmosphere to a potential student.

Suggested post content

When creating a blog aimed at attracting international students, consider the following:

SEO. Written content is of no worth if it is not read. Be sure that your webpage, blog, and all posts are highly optimized to receive the best ROI. Furthermore, to establish an online presence and a stable readership (while improving SEO), it is vital that posts are published on a regular basis.

Readership/Attraction. Ultimately, all content should be centered on things students want to read!The content should always been reader-driven and focus on topics that are of use to the current or potential students.

Honesty. Content should always honestly portray the school, its programs, its staff and faculty, and student life. Additionally, content should not be veiled advertisements, but rather an opportunity to showcase programs and the school using a fresh approach.

An emphasis on education. The reader is either a potential student, agent, or current student; therefore, emphasis on the school’s ultimate goal–education–is key. Make sure to incorporate an aspect of learning into each post, so that each article is both informative and educational.

Potential for social media success. Will this post translate to an engaging Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram post? Consider the viability of each post on social media before approving content to be written.

For more information on blog success for the international education sector, contact Lastarria Media.

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