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How to Get Google Reviews for Your IEP

April 4, 2018
How to Get Google Reviews for Your IEP

You do not have to be an SEO guru to understand the importance of Google Reviews to an institution’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In fact, the relationship between Google reviews and Google performance is quite logical:

  • Google creates algorithms to determine a website’s ranking
  • Many factors contribute to this algorithm: the website content, word choice, blog, social media posts and videos, and images all play factors.
  • Another factor is Google itself: how many reviews does this institution have on Google Reviews? This will boost your rankings.

Asking for Google Reviews can be awkward for any company, but particularly uncomfortable for IEPs. We develop a relationship with our students that is based on education, not business, so it seems out of place to ask students for reviews. For this reason, many IEP Google rankings suffer.

Asking graduates for Google Reviews can be made easier by providing students with a handout. Download the handout below, which can be customized with your institution’s logo, and provide students with these simple instructions.

Google Reviews Flyer for IEPs

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